"Do they even have Thanksgiving in Africa?"
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You better remember all this shit when you start getting mopey again because I think that’s the most positive thing you’ve ever said to me and in general. When did turn into one of those people who believe that good stuff always comes with the bad? Maybe. [Now that she was talking again he didn’t feel the need to speak up to fill the space between them. She was doing a great job of that on her own. Leaning back to get a better look at her face he shook his head.] I don’t have you right where I wanted you so I wouldn’t know. But sitting here now doesn’t feel too great. [Ram wasn’t sure how he felt about all the physical contact going on but it wasn’t driving him crazy so he sat still, keeping his arms to his sides instead of wrapping one around her like he normally would have if things were different. Even if they were getting along something still felt different. Sure it was still comforting to have her run her fingers through his hair but everything else was in the gray area,] You and me both. 

You should know by now that I never take my own advice. I doubt that’s changing anytime soon. I’m not really one of those people…I just need to believe that not everything is always gonna be shitty. Even if it’s not true it’s nice to believe. It’s something to hold out for. And that’s better then sitting here wallowing and thinking of the worst possible scenarios. [She sighed heavily and rubbed at her face to keep herself from breaking down again. Her heart felt heavy and she felt like she had a huge knot in the back of her throat but she knew she had to deal with it, she had to be strong, because at the end of the day she would live and she had to be prepared for anything.] Ah, this isn’t rock bottom enough for you yet? [She shifted away from him and straightened her sweater, pushing one side of her hair behind her ear.] Sorry. I ju-I’m sorry. [She got up slowly, almost stumbling over her own feet a couple of times after all the alcohol she’d drank.] I should probably head back now. Before people start to worry.

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Because practically everyone else has been. Not that I blame anyone, I just thought it’d be different with you.


….I’m really sorry if I made you feel that way. I really wasn’t trying to ignore you. I just had a lot on my mind.

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Worried? You’ve practically ignored me since my solo panic challenge. 


What?…No. I haven’t been ignoring you. Why would you think that I would ignore you?

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Nothing. I’m fine. Recovered in New York, so I’m all good.


Oh. Alright. That’s good then. I’m really glad you’re okay. I was worried about you.

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Just more stupid decisions. That’s all.


What are you talking about? Are you okay?

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Oh, my whole body hurts. I’m going to be regretting this for the next two weeks.


What happened to you?

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sheriffviolet whispered: [text]: You're making me blush, Poppy. I'm really glad to hear that, and I think that means we need a night out. No more drama and just fun. [text]: I'm good just working a lot, but things seem to balancing themselves out.

[text] I’m just telling it like it is. Yeah…i’m still figuring some things out. But I think i’m over the initial shock of that announcement. What did you have in mind? Something with drinking? Cause I could definitely use that.

[text] Oh yeah. I forget you’re a successful publisher lady or whatever. How is work going by the way? Anything interesting? Any cute guys over there?

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sheriffviolet whispered: [text]: Nothing much, just checking up on my best friend. How are you?

[text] You’re the best, you know that? I’m good though. Better then the last time we talked actually.

[text] You?

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No, they didn’t. Why doesn’t anyone mention that they might just be utter insane because I would have gone into this whole high school thing very carefully. And I definitely wouldn’t be playing Panic of all things. I wish I could go back to the jump and just have climbed down, I don’t care who would have boo’ed me. I would have just gone back down and joined all of my friends. I should probably learn from you and let it all out, which I kind of just did and I feel sort of better actually. I don’t want to explode on anyone. Thank you Poppy, I’ll make sure to always remember that. That is also another silver lining, just one and done. [Effy smiled, this time a genuine one as she heard Poppy.] Thank you Poppy. I-Yeah, I suppose I am. 


I have no idea, I just know the last challenge is called The Joust. But I definitely do not want to go against them. 

Well to be fair I don’t think most school’s operate the same way Rosewood does. I mean most school’s aren’t filled with politician’s and celebrities kids either. So I think we’ve got our own set of rules around here. I think that’s the whole point of high school really. For us to find our own way and either sink or swim. Cause if we can’t make it here then we won’t ever make it in the real world. Same here. It really screwed up the summer. We could have been doing better things like vacationing with our friends. I actually haven’t done it myself, not completely anyways, I never listen to my own advice. But that’s why I figured it’d be more helpful for you. But opening up even a little bit helps take some of the weight off of your shoulders. No problem. Us party queens have to stick together right? [She nodded her head.] You so are. Own it.

Sounds even more dangerous then the last couple of challenges. It sucks that you don’t even know what you should be prepared for.

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sheriffviolet whispered: [text]: Hey Pops.

[text] Hey Vi. What’s up?

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