"Do they even have Thanksgiving in Africa?"
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matilda-worm whispered: [text] Well, I was just curious. I mean, I saw her from a distance that one time. Why don't you move in with your mom and step dad?

[text] She didn’t say anything to you did she? Eh. Cause I like this place. Their house is nice and all but this is where I grew up. I’m comfortable here.

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] Oh okay. So, is it just going to be me and you now in this house?

[text] I mean she hasn’t really lived here since she got married. She’s just been too busy to take all of her stuff. 

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] Why is stuff being moved around...? Are you moving anytime soon?

[text] No. I’m not moving… My mom’s just sending some people over to pick up some stuff she left over here to the other house.

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] There aren't any plans yet, it was just an idea I had. What stupid thing are you talking about though?

[text] And you should get to do it. I did tell you my house was your house. As long as you guys don’t get crazy and break everything inside. Nothing, just that moving thing.

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] No no no. It's a bad time. Forget I even asked :) We're all good Pops.

[text] It’s not. I want you to have a nice time and for you guys to do your thing. Especially with all the shit people have been saying. Just let me know when it is and I’ll make sure no one’s in your guys hair. I don’t want this lame thing to ruin your plans.

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] Don't worry about it Pops.

[text] I really don’t mind Matilda. I just need to know ahead of time when it is cause some people are gonna come move around some stuff.

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] I haven't asked, but I'll take that as a no.

[text] It’s not a no. Just…when are you thinking of having it?

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matilda-worm whispered: [text] I was thinking of getting all the Heathers together and was wondering if I could host a sleepover? Or something?

[text] Oh. Umm. None of the other girls can do it at their place?

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